November 12, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-11-13
  • 37

1. The government of St. Petersburg submitted an application for the construction of the Industrial Artificial Intelligence Science Education Center as part of the national program 'Science' and announced that it will research fields such as mechanical engineering, materials science, energy, and smart cities.



2. Intellectual Security, a company in Skorkovo, has implemented an information security automation system for the Russian Post Office, and the Russian Post Office has revealed that it will be able to establish an efficient and visual business management process and shorten the response time to cyber attacks.



3.RVC attended the regular strategy meeting of the Russian Central Bank's'Development of Alternative Investment Mechanisms' to discuss ways to create an ecosystem for innovation and start-up support, and private investment through improved fintech investment regulations to support Russian fintech startups. It revealed that overall support from creating an environment and creating fintech startups to entering the market is necessary.



4. Rosatom launched a navigation system that guides the ship's route by analyzing ice conditions and weather data on the Arctic route, and this service based on machine learning optimizes the operation route and fuel use to increase the logistics volume of the Arctic route. 



5. Roscosmos announced that it has begun developing a lightweight reusable rocket and aims to launch its first test launch in 2023.



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