October 8, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-10-08
  • 27

1. The metaFlye collector uses data generated by the most advanced sequencing technology available today - long read sequencing. With its help, it is possible to solve a wide range of fundamental and applied problems, including control of the process of human treatment and the creation of new drugs.



2. Scientists from NUST MISIS have developed and patented(No. RU 2426484C1, 08/20/2011) a technology for creating a protective antibacterial membrane of silver nanoparticles in fabric masks, since it has bactericidal properties and destroys their membrane when interacting with pathogen cells. This method distributes nanoparticles evenly in a shorter period of time than ultrasonic action, plus technologically it is less expensive.



3. Scientists of the National Research Center ‘Kurchatov Institute’ as part of a research group have created a new catalyst that surpasses its analogues in several ways at once. It is designed for the important industrial process for the hydrogenation of acetylene to produce ethylene. Switching to "zinc additive" provides not only a significant reduction in catalyst cost, but also an improvement in its key performance characteristics. This opens up prospects for the industrial use of this development in the polymer industry.



4. An installation for magnetron sputtering of metal on plastic fibers and wire as thick as hair was created. The world's most common ‘electroplating’ technology is not suitable for both non-conductive fibers and thin metal wires due to the intense erosion that occurs from the chemicals used. The magnetron discharge technology, in which the fiber(or wire) to be coated is pulled through the discharge area, avoids these difficulties.



5. Russian scientists have proposed using a shuttle called Corvette in conjunction with the Russian station in the lunar orbit to study the surface of an Earth satellite and deliver soil samples. Such a shuttle could install research capsules on the Moon with equipment for seismometry, measurement of temperature characteristics, radiation and other parameters.



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