August 3, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-08-05
  • 101

1.'YUNIM', a biomedical technology cluster, located in the International Medical Cluster of Skolkovo, signed a plan to establish an education center in the field of pathology diagnosis based on modern medical technology. 

*Source: Skolkovo Foundation



2. Scientists at the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University 'LETI' will develop a special video monitoring system that can detect and classify space debris in the Earth's orbit, and through this development, the potential of space debris and spacecraft collisions. Also this monitoring system is expected to be able to assess human threats.

*Source: TASS



3. The project competition of the Russian Basic Research Foundation is in delay, and in this regard, the government's media service says that it will evaluate the result of previous projects conducted in accordance with the current financial and other circumstances of the Russian Basic Research Foundation, and scientific and national priority research projects. They answered that they are trying to resume the business competition 

*Source: Poisk News



4. SKoltech's scientists are teaching quantum computers to work with 'quantum data', and quantum machine learning can be applied to quantum data as well as classical data to solve the problem of low operating speed, which is a disadvantage of existing applications

*Source: Russian scientific journal



5. Scientists at the Ural Southern Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed a mobile drone'Vodomerka' that moves along the surface of the water and can use the drone to study the fauna of the Don River and monitor the aquatic environment, aquatic life, landscape and environmental conditions. 

*Source: TASS



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