July 28, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-07-28
  • 129

1. Using the spectrometric complex ACS(Atmospheric Chemistry Suite) created at the IKI RAS, it turned out that carbon dioxide and ozone can manifest themselves precisely in that range of the infrared spectrum where the signal from methane molecules is expected to be detected. This new results help to understand how CO2 and O3 molecules interact with each other and with sunlight, which means - to clarify the chemistry of processes in the atmosphere of Mars.



2. The Skolkovo Foundation and the Industry Accelerator of ROSATOM JSC TVEL-KC are starting the second selection for the joint business accelerator aimed at finding promising technological projects for nuclear enterprises in the areas of Metallurgy, Fuel and energy complex, Technologies for electric power and transport, Additive technologies, Medium and low-tonnage chemistry, and technologies for the production of promising lithium salts.



3. TPU specialists have created an intelligent inertial module that combines the functions of three MEMS sensors at once - a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a magnetometer. At the same time, the sensors are shock-resistant - withstand shocks up to 30,000 g (g - acceleration of gravity, ed.), Operate in a wide temperature range: from -40°С to +105°С



4. The laboratory of nanotechnologies of metallurgy at TSU showed two ideally smooth rings made of dark ceramics - from these, an almost "eternal" bearing will be assembled in the future. Ceramics for such bearings are made on the basis of powders of aluminum, magnesium and boron(AlMgB14). And they are very promising: ceramics had a high hardness(32 gigapascals, this is a third of the "reference" diamond) and ultra-low coefficient of friction(up to 0.02).



5. Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University, together with their Chinese colleagues, have developed a new method for preparing a catalyst based on molybdenum carbide. This catalyst is a more affordable alternative to traditional ones based on expensive platinum. The installation for producing consists of simple elements: a power supply, a direct current source, electrodes and a control system.



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