July 27, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-07-27
  • 115

1. Russian chemists, in collaboration with German colleagues, have synthesized compounds capable of contrasting highlighting of calcium ions in solutions, biological tissues and even inside cells. The method will find its application in the treatment of bone diseases and in the non-invasive diagnosis of various neoplasms associated with excessive calcification of soft tissues.



2. An international team of researchers from the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine and the National Research University ITMO has created a convolutional neural network that has learned how to effectively recognize cartilage on two-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of the wrist. This will allow a more thorough comparison of normal and pathological anatomy of the wrist in, for example, osteoarthritis, to assess the progression of diseases and their response to treatment.



3. Neuroscientist from the University of Sheffield(Great Britain) Anton Nikolaev and a graduate student of ITMO University Pavel Katunin have created a robot that will allow you to control the growth of neurons from stem cells. It automatically sets up numerous experiments and collects big data, on which the optimization algorithm was tested. This model will allow scientists to track the process of cell transformation in the early stages and select the ones needed for the experiment.



4. Scientists of the Perm Polytechnic Institute have found a way to recover the soil from lead and mercury. “The best results in the“ extraction ”of heavy metals from contaminated soil were shown by the combined use of plants and microorganisms. It decreased the content of heavy metals by 9.5 and 40%.



5. 3D printing technologies are one of the main non-nuclear business areas that are developing in the Russian nuclear industry. Scientists of the Russian nuclear industry plan to use 3D printing technologies to produce so-called spinal cages - the most popular intervertebral implants in surgery, follows from materials on the procurement site of the state corporation Rosatom.



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