June 22, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-06-22
  • 42

1. Today in Dubna, a session of the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the JINR Member States took place in a video conference format. In his report, JINR Director Viktor Matveev announced the results of the Institute’s activities over the period since the last meeting of the JINR PP Committee, spoke about the JINR flagship scientific programs and paid special attention to the measures taken by the Institute for the non-proliferation of coronovirus infection.



2. ITMO scientists, together with colleagues from Tomsk Polytechnic University, have proposed a new way to quickly grow plants by creating fixtures using glass ceramics with the addition of chromium. Under the light of such lamps, not only red, but also infrared light will fall on the leaves, which will have a beneficial effect on growth. Also can take green and blue LEDs and simply use the glass ceramics as filters to receive radiation in a wide range, including the infrared region.



3. Roscosmos is ready to cooperate with private companies and support all private space initiatives "from the creation of ultralight rockets to satellite platforms. This was announced by the head of the press service of the state corporation Vladimir Ustimenko in an interview with Kommersant FM radio station.



4. Russian scientists have created "natural syringes" from viruses, with which doctors can treat patients with severe genetic diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Duchenne myodystrophy. The developed genetic constructs are placed in adeno-associated viruses that serve as "natural syringes" for their delivery to the place of "breakdown" of the gene in the human body.



5. The preparation for the treatment of breast cancer, created on the basis of the neutralized vaccinia virus by the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the SB RAS and the State Scientific Center for Virology and Biotechnology "Vector", has shown its effectiveness in preclinical studies. Now it is planned to move to the first stage of clinical trials, which will be held in St. Petersburg.



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