February 12, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-02-12
  • 11

1. Students at the Sirius Education Center under the Ural Federal University have developed an implant prototype for plastic bone defects using a 3D printer and will begin the preclinical phase.

2. In April of this year, discussions on space co-operation between ROSCOSMOS and NASA are scheduled and the space station operation and exploration activities will be discussed.

3. SKOLTECH researchers won the Moscow Government Prize for their “High Performance Biodiversity Screening Work Cycle for Drug Search” and a prize of 2 million rubles.

4. ROSNANO's subsidiary company "OCSiAl" has installed the world's largest graphene synthesis equipment in Novosibirsk and is capable of producing 50 tons of graphene nanotubes annually.

5. National Research University MEI has developed a distributed intelligent micro energy system for end-users in developing countries, and the technology has been recognized for its innovations, such as being awarded at the International Innovation Competition «QUALITY INNOVATION AWARD».


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