February 11, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2020-02-11
  • 11

1. The Ministry of Science and higher Education announced the results of potato seed selection and development program which was conducted in 2019 as part of the Science and Technology Program for Agricultural Development 2017-2025 and emphasized the need for scientific research in agriculture and genetics
* Source: Ministry of Science and higher Education 


2. Scientists at Mari National University reported that they are studying the causes of muscular dystrophy by analyzing mitochondrial calcium-absorption principles.
* Source: Russian Science Foundation


3. Rosatomflot has completed the repair of the lower valves and pumping equipment for the 'Sevmorputi' nuclear icebreaker in St. Petersburg,and will ship the vessel to Arkhangelsk. 
Source: Rosatom


4. The BioProcess Capital Venture Fund, established with the participation of the Russian Venture Company, established ARDM, a developer and producer of ionic materials (resin and adsorbents) for rare metal extraction, founded in 2010 by Krastsvetmet, Russia's largest precious metals processing company. Sold to
* Source: Russian Venture Company


5. Scientists at Tomsk Polytech University developed a way to improve the reactor's running time by 75% without replacing the fuel, which will increase the safety of nuclear power plants.
* Source: Ria


6. Minister of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Valery Falkov visited the Russian Academy of Sciences for the first time after his appointment, emphasizing the strategic relationship between the two institutions.
* Source: Scientificrussia


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