September 24, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2019-09-24
  • 266

1. Scientists from Omsk have improved the model for predicting properties of nanomaterials. Namely, they have bettered one of the mathematical approaches used for modeling nanomaterials bringing the calculated parameters closer to reality.



2. RVC begins a new stage of selection of projects of the National Technology Initiative. The first wave is aimed at technological business with new developments and products in the field of artificial intelligence and big data with global market potential. Participants of the selection will have a chance to receive financial support under the simplified procedure in the framework of the “NTI Export” and “Spin-off NTI” programs.



3. Launch of the «Proton-M» carrier rocket for putting commercial satellites into orbit scheduled for September 30 postponed due to additional testing of space tug. New date of the launch is yet to be announced by Roscosmos.



4. The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAC) committee on countering falsification of scientific research has published a report about candidates for corresponding members and for academician of RAS, who committed violations of scientific ethics in their dissertations. The commission has complaints against 57 scientists and 10 scientific institutes.



5. Russian scientists developed a new method of laser nanofabrication that allows to produce sensor substrates for chemical, biological and environmental studies, as well as for obtaining new materials – metasurfaces.



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