September 17, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2019-09-17
  • 301

1. Ten Russian universities joined a consortium to research big data. According to Mr. Nechaev, rector of the Sevastopol State University, they will develop a big data methodology for various fields related to technical, humanitarian areas of education and research.

Source: https://nauka.tass.ru/nauka/6891398


2. Russian neural network analyzed airline reviews on Twitter. According to the developers it can find the reason for negative or positive reviews of air passengers. The software written in Python downloads tweets and processes them. After that, it groups them into several categories, searching for a logical connection between messages. Ultimately, the algorithm finds the cause of negative or positive user messages. 

Source: https://nauka.tass.ru/nauka/6889351


3. Scientists have discovered a nucleotide that can protect the body from oxygen starvation. Findings on this topic were recently presented by the laboratory of mitochondrial transport of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Acadamy of Sciences (Uridine as a protector against hypoxia-induced lung injury).

Source: http://www.ras.ru/news/shownews.aspx?id=527ac63c-b6e4-4988-a055-7d8475828d5c#content


4. The VII International Forum of technological development “Technoprom-2019” will be held during September 18-20 in Novosibirsk under the slogan “Science of a New Era: Transformation Technologies”.

Source: https://www.csr.ru/news/v-novosibirske-18-20-sentyabrya-sostoitsya-tehnoprom-2019-s-uchastiem-eksperta-tssr/


5. The Skolkovo Foundation, the company Bayer, the Skolkovo Intellectual Property Center and the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) are accepting applications for the “Patents Power 2019” competition. The organizers will select three best biotechnological startups that will receive a grant of 700 thousand rubles. The main areas of selection are cardiology, oncology, gynecology and ophthalmology. Two additional nominations have been added this year.

Source: http://sk.ru/news/b/pressreleases/archive/2019/09/16/startoval-priem-zayavokna-konkurs-patents-power-2019.aspx




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