July 16, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2019-07-16
  • 166

1. Today, the First Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Grigory Trubnikov, took part in a meeting of the Council on Intellectual Property Issues under the Federal Council.



2. The Technical Committee "Cyber-Physical Systems" under Rosstandart has developed a series of preliminary national standards (PNST) in the field of Internet of things and sensor networks. For the first time in Russia, a full-fledged family of standards in the field of regulation of digital technologies is submitted for public discussion.



3. The staff of the Prokhorov Institute of General Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Federal Research Center "Informatics and Management" of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Lomonosov Moscow State University proposed a new way to analyze turbulent pulsations of plasma density. The results of the study will help in finding the interrelationships of these processes in the central areas of high-temperature plasma and on the walls of magnetic confinement (tokamaks and stellarators), which are used in the study of thermonuclear fusion.



4. A group of European and Russian scientists announced the discovery of two new excited states of composite elementary particles, which may be new particles.



5. Specialists of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physico-Technical and Radio Engineering Measurements (VNIIFTRI) are developing a device, usage and upgraded version of which on satellites can improve the accuracy of their watches and improve the performance of navigation systems.



6. A pilot program for attracting foreign startups Softlanding in Skolkovo was completed. It was attended by representatives of five high-tech companies from South Korea. Absolutely all of them considered the program was efficient, and some participants announced their intention to increase cooperation with Skolkovo, including applying for resident status and opening divisions of their companies in the Technopark.



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