February 6, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2019-02-06
  • 17

1. The Institute for Information Transmission of Russian Academy of Sciences is studying the development of unmanned airplanes capable of transporting freight within techno parks, which could be used for future cargo transportation in the airport;

2. The Russian deputy prime minister plans to train about 3,000 young researchers for genetic technology development and will contribute to the development of areas such as customized medicine, health maintenance technology and industrial microorganisms;

3. Khrunichoba Space Research Institute is developing a projectile conversion system for ExoMars-2020, and it will be tested for compatibility between impact test and spacecraft separation system;

4. Group-IB, a company in SKOLKOVO, was selected as the final winner fo the project for small and medium enterprises in Russia and has been recognized as a leader in cybersecurity;

5. The Russian Agency for Technology and Standards approved the first Russian Internet standard for technology developed by the 'Cyber ​​Physics System Technical Committee' in the Russian Venture Foundation, and stated that it would be possible to carry out large-scale projects using Russian technology.


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