February 4, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2019-02-04
  • 16

1. The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education aims to double the number of foreign students in Russia within the next five years.
* Source: Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education


2. The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education discussed with local staff the conditions for establishing a world-class agricultural research and education center in Sevastopol.
* Source:  Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education


3. Scientists in Russia have developed a device that can measure signals from the brain and heart to detect early stages of mental disorders.
* Source: Russian Science Foundation


4. United Aircraft Corporation and aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi announced they will support gifted students participating in the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Olympics.
* Source: Russian Venture Foundation


5. The University of Siberia founded the Arctic Department to provide strategic support for Arctic research and projects.
* Source: Tass


6. Scientists at Far Eastern University say they are studying the effects of virtual reality on human behavior and control.
* Source: Tass


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