December 26, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2018-12-26
  • 78

1. The first in Russia production of "bespereboynik" - high-capacity electricity storage devices, developed by scientists of the Novosibirsk State Technological University (NSTU), will be launched in January 2019 in Novosibirsk. They will improve the efficiency of electricity supply to enterprises and entire cities, the press service of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation reported on Tuesday.


2. Rosatom has begun to produce new gas centrifuges, with the help of which a number of so-called stable isotopes will be produced, used in various branches of the domestic industry, the TVEL Fuel Company (part of Rosatom) reports on Tuesday.


3. Antibodies that help the immune system recognize cancer cells have one more feature - they interfere with the work of some proteins inside the tumor and contribute to the accumulation of toxins inside it. Russian geneticists have published an article in the journal Bioessays (the work was supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation - editor's note of the site rscf.ru).


4. In the winter of 2018–2019, the specialists of Russian Space Systems are sent on a business trip to Antarctica to modernize GLONASS measurement collection points operating on the continent. At the stations located on the southernmost continent of the Earth, a set of equipment will be replaced. This will improve the accuracy and reliability of navigation services provided by the GLONASS system.


5. The main theme of the IX National Festival NAUKA0 + will be announced on December 26.



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