October 11, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2018-10-11
  • 185

1. On October 15-17, Skolkovo, the VII International Forum “Open Innovations”– the biggest business event that demonstrates the latest tendencies and achievements in innovation development field, takes place.  RVC traditionally plays the role of co-organizer of the Forum. The main objective of the Forum is the development and commercialization of advanced technologies, promotion of global technology brands and creation of new instruments of international cooperation in the field of innovations.



2. On October 11, fast nuclear reactor and closed nuclear fuel cycle technological development will allow keeping Russian leadership at nuclear energetics, the Rosatom international and S&T special deputy and “Proryv” project head, Vyacheslav Pershukov declared at Rosatom conference at Tomsk.



3. The Megagrant program for international scientists will be preserved in Russia, it’s financing will be provided in the federal budget project for 2019-2021.  According to the Minister of Education and Science of Russia Mikhail Kotyukov the program will merge into the “Nauka” national program.



4. “Nauka” national program is planned to be financed not only with budget funds, but also with industrial partners’ funds that will invest in applied scientific developments. The federal projects that part the “Nauka” national program are to be discussed at expert councils; their realization will start at the first days of 2019, the Minister of Education and Science of Russia Mikhail Kotyukov declared at the press conference on 10th of October.



5. “Sozvezdie” concern (Rostech Corporation “Roselectronica”) and Voronezh State University have opened the Center of Artificial-Intelligence Technology development. The new organ will occupy with machine learning, big data analytics and information processing technology developing.




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