October 4, Daily science and technology trend

  • 2018-10-04
  • 150

1. On October 2, at Dubna, Moscow region, in the frame of the VIII All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference “Principles and dynamics of the national innovative system formation” held by the Ministry of Education of Russia and the Union of Russian Science Cities the discussion about the perspectives and opportunities of Science Cities development took place.  In the light of new strategic goals Ministry of Education of Russia plans to elaborate brand new methods of Science Cities’ resources applying in the science and technology development tasks solutions.



2. Center for Strategic researches will participate in the Russian Energy Week – 2018, that is held from 3rd till 6th of October, Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”.  The main aim of the Forum is to demonstrate the Russian Fuel & Energy Complex perspectives and to implement the potential of international cooperation in energetics.  



3. Russian Science Foundation brings into being a new ambitious multimedia project “Science in 360°” which can introduce everyone to Russian universities and institutes scientific and research laboratories. “Science in 360°” project has been embodied in the form of spherical 360° picture views of universities’ labs that let users to travel through rooms, to examine the tools and to get acquainted with them by texts, audio and video inserts. You can visit the Project website by the link  https://www.sprgm.ru/360



4. On October 2, at the V International scientific and technical conference “Innovation designs and technologies on nuclear power” ISTC NIKIET – 2018, Evgeniy Adamov, the academic director of “Proryv” Project of Rosatom, stated the success of the perspective mixed nitride uranium-plutonium fuel (MNUP) for FNR test procedures in Russia. “For the moment the attained level is sufficient for setting to work the pilot and demonstration reactor in Seversk” – Adamov added.



5. The proportion of young researchers has been increased since 2006 at least for 14 percentage points and it amounted to %43, 9 in 2017. This statement is revealed  in the new express-information issue of the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK), “Science, technology and innovations” edition.  



6. October 3, Archangelsk. The ecological monitoring app that first had been used during the 2018 operational work season at the National Park “Russian Arctic” will help to systemize the data of animals and to create its’ database.  As part of the monitoring the species, quantity and geographical points, sex, age and nutritional state of animals being met had been recorded.




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